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May 2016

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Are you interested in expanding your scope of practice as a yoga teacher?
Do you want the teaching skills to impact the lives of people who cannot access mainstream yoga classes?
Would you like to teach with Yoga Outreach?

This training is part of the Reaching Out with Yoga project in partnership with the BC Society of Transition Houses funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada to research the benefits of trauma-informed yoga for women and children fleeing violence.

Join Yoga Outreach for our 18 hour Core Training™ at Revelstoke Women's Shelter Society.

Tuition: $310

June 17th 5:45pm - 9pm...

Broadway Youth Centre
Do you serve clients who are deemed marginalized, vulnerable, or at-risk? For nearly 20 years Yoga Outreach has been partnering with facilities to support yoga programming. We recruit, screen, train, and support volunteer yoga instructors in these settings.