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January 2017

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At-risk Youth Male



Yoga Outreach has been providing trauma-informed yoga classes to justice-involved and at-risk youth for 18 years.

Based on the empirical studies that have established trauma-informed yoga as an evidence-based treatment intervention, and the observations of Yoga Outreach teachers, Yoga Outreach submitted a proposal to the Department of Justice to examine the efficacy of trauma-based yoga, and similar mindfulness-based stress reduction programs, as a promising adjunctive treatment intervention for justice involved youth receiving treatment for substance use disorders.

This study examines...

volunteer yoga vancouver
“It’s inspiring to watch the clients see a program through and move onto next stage, progress, become empowered, centered and strong. To be in savasana without opening their eyes, fully relaxed and still, letting go. The women have become strong before my eyes, and its amazing to be a part of..." - Volunteer Instructor, Addictions Treatment Centre.