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Seniors with Dementia find Joy and Laughter in Yoga class

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Last year YO started offering classes at Paul’s Club and it’s been such a great program, we’d like to tell you about it!

Paul’s Club is a social and recreational day program in Vancouver developed to cater to the specific needs of those living with Early Onset Dementia. For men and women diagnosed or experiencing symptoms
before the age of 65, Paul’s Club is the first program of its kind in Vancouver. The Club is a safe environment, both physically and emotionally. It has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and is designed to be fun.

Yoga at Paul’s Club: The response to theseclasses from students has been outstanding and staff have noted variousbenefits for this group. These classes provide an opportunity forphysical movement, cognitive stimulation, and social interaction. Ourstudents remain engaged for the duration of the class and most appear tohave an improvement in mood and alertness after the class is complete.

Both staff and students of Paul’s Club can not praise our two Yoga Outreach volunteers enough. Both treat the group in a manner that keeps their dignity and provides the students with a sense
of self control. Our teachers embrace the group and focus on their strengths while gracefully working around their limitations.
Student feedback:

“The stretching feels good and we have fun. I have done yoga before but I like this more.”

       “She (yoga instructor) is so sweet and good at teaching.”

       “We laugh lots, which is good for us. I feel better after yoga.”

       “I always enjoy when we have yoga in the morning. Taking deep breaths is relaxing.”

Staff feedback:

        “The change in our group after yoga is remarkable. They are
more animated, happy, and energized, but also appear very calm and

        “Our teacher’s ability to lead a class that is suitable and
accepting of all of our Members abilities is impressive. We couldn’t
have asked for them to be more understanding of our group.”

        “Even a few of our men who initially said that yoga wasn’t
for them genuinely enjoy this class, and are always eager to

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Burnaby Youth Custody Centre
For as little as $15 a month, less than a drop in yoga class, you can ensure that youth and adults in mental health facilities, prison or youth custody, alcohol and drug treatment centers, women and children who have experienced violence, or adults suffering from early onset dementia, have access to the powerful and healing practices of yoga and meditation, providing a method to reclaim their minds and bodies, to self regulate, and to connect with people in their community.