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Holiday Giving - Give the Gift of Healing

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Give the Gift of Healing.

Support the Healing and Connection of adults and youth accessing community service facilities in your City. Facilities such as those for mental health challenges, addictions recovery, services for at-risk youth, and boys/girls & women in jail.

Sponsor as yourself, or sponsor as a gift to someone you love.

You can send your loved one an E-card of your choosing straight from Canada Helps with your sponsorship. Or, if you like, we'll mail your loved one a holiday card enclosing a certificate of sponsorship as a gift from you. Choose one of our 4 certificates for either addictions, mental health, youth, or early onset dementia (based on your loved one's passions) or a general sponsorship that can contribute to any one of our 15 facilities.

$25One trauma-informed yoga class for up to 20 people at one of our partner facilities.

$100 = One month of trauma-informed yoga classes for up to 20 people at one of our partner facilities.

$150 = Provides new yoga mats to support a new program in the community.

$1200 = Supports an entire program of weekly trauma-informed yoga for one year!

Your sponsorship will help us reach our goal of $4800 -  raising enough to support four facilities for one year.

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"It helps our women with symptoms of withdrawal, anxiety, and depression, and allows a gentle re-connection to the breath, heart, and mind - This allows healing.” - New Dawn Recovery House

“Our client's involvement in the Yoga Outreach Program has allowed them to develop strategies for coping with stress. It has given them a sense of purpose as well as a commitment to their body, mind, and well-being.” West End Mental Health Team

“All of our members have lost their jobs, you lose your friends because they don’t know how to talk to you...the person becomes socially isolated. The thing that is most important to us and what we’ve noticed the most after yoga is that people’s moods have significantly improved and they are far more alert than they were prior to going into the class.” - Paul's Club (early onset dementia)


About Yoga Outreach

Yoga Outreach has been providing volunteer-based trauma-sensitive yoga programming within community service facilities across BC since 1996.

Our weekly programs serve (to name a few):

  • Women and children fleeing violence
  • Incarcerated & at-risk youth
  • Women in jail
  • Those accessing mental health services
  • Those recovering from addictions

Our weekly programs offer individuals an opportunity to heal from trauma by learning to reconnect with and feel safe within their bodies (a key element when healing from trauma), while also re-establishing a sense of social safety by participating in group classes within facilities they are already accessing and familiar with.

Participants learn and practice techniques in order to cultivate safe and compassionate relationships with their bodies. They are empowered with choice, a sense of community connection, and tools to draw from in order to self-regulate and manage daily circumstances.

Yoga Outreach's past 20 years of community service has only been possible thanks to volunteers and individuals like YOU who donate to support the healing of your community.

Broadway Youth Centre
Do you serve clients who are deemed marginalized, vulnerable, or at-risk? For nearly 20 years Yoga Outreach has been partnering with facilities to support yoga programming. We recruit, screen, train, and support volunteer yoga instructors in these settings.