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The Yoga Outreach Core Training™

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Yoga Outreach Core Training Stretch Vancouver

Trauma-Informed Yoga Training (18 hours)
Trauma-Informed Yoga Training for yoga instructors looking to better serve their existing clients, and for those looking to reach individuals in their classes who may be facing multiple barriers in their lives, such as abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, mental health challenges, and incarceration. You will learn from qualified instructors Sarah Holmes de Castro or Nicole Marcia:

How to build and teach a trauma-informed yoga class, including:

  • The effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress.
  • Creating a safe space for your students.
  • Using “invitational language” and “the language of inquiry.”
  • Understanding and managing potential triggers.
  • The teaching tools for self-regulation.

How to create a strengths-based practice for your students, including:

  • Definitions & key components.
  • Boundaries and self-care.
  • Equality, marginalization, and privilege.

About teaching in Service Yoga Settings, including:

  • What to expect: rapport, mandates, and responsibilities.
  • Opportunities for practicum, volunteer placement, and on-going mentorship.

Agenda & Learning Outcomes Document (for all training locations):  Download Agenda and Learning Outcomes.pdf (125.23 KB)

Tuition: $360 or $310 if registered more than 3 weeks in advance *All proceeds support Yoga Outreach in the community*

2017 training dates

*Please note* Stretch Yoga Studio is not wheelchair accessible and has two gendered washrooms on site.

Register for the next class!
Please complete our online Registration Form. Once we receive your registration we will email you a confirmation and a payment link.

Work-study option for up to 50% off tuition
Work-study involves a trade in labour in exchange for up to 1/2 off the cost of the training. Please complete our online form. Applications must be completed 1 month prior to the training in order to allow adequate time to complete volunteer hours prior to attendance.

Refund Policy
Training tuition is refundable, less a 15% administration fee, up to 21 days prior to the training start date. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing via to receive a refund. No refunds will be issued within the 21 days prior and fee is non-transferable.

Education Credits
All Yoga Outreach trainings are eligible for continuing education credits with the Yoga Alliance.


Recent Participant feedback

"I took part in the Yoga Outreach core training in March of 2017. I was amazed by how much I learned in the 2.5 days and how it has changed my language use in the classes that I teach. The whole team was extremely helpful, supportive and knowledgeable.Highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to better support their students."

"I took part in the training in 2014 and I thought it was absolutely invaluable. As a yoga instructor, I want to be aware of who might be coming to my class and what they may be dealing with. Yoga Outreach provides the language and education necessary to teach not only the general population, but also those who may be dealing with trauma or other mental health issues."

Yoga for Mental Health and Additions
Our weekly trauma-informed yoga programs offer individuals an opportunity to heal from trauma by learning to reconnect with and feel safe within their bodies (a key element when healing from trauma), while also re-establishing a sense of social safety by participating in group classes within service facilities they are already accessing and familiar with. Read more...