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trauma-informed yoga, women, children, abuse, BC, Canada

Yoga Outreach and BC Society of Transition Houses launching 5-year project called "Reaching Out with Yoga" that will study the effects of trauma-sensitive yoga programming on the health and well being of women and children in transition houses across BC.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (March 31, 2016) - Domestic violence is not on the decline in BC, and more women and children are accessing transition services than ever. Programs that complement transition housing, such as Reaching Out With Yoga, are an important part of supporting families as they leave their lives behind, and try to start over.

Yoga Outreach is non-profit that has been providing weekly yoga programs in various social service facilities, including mental health, addictions, youth centres, prisons, and older adult rehabilitation, for twenty years. 

"This year marks our 20th anniversary, and Reaching Out with Yoga is huge step towards our goal of removing barriers of access to yoga, and providing community connection to our most vulnerable individuals" says Delanie Dyck, Yoga Outreach's Executive Director.

New Dawn, a transition housing facility for women recovering from addictions and violence, has already been receiving Yoga Outreach's weekly classes since 2005.

"It helps our women with symptoms of withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and allows a gentle re-connection to the breath, heart, and mind. It allows for them to feel empowered, and heal.”

Yoga Outreach has been providing yoga programs to Burnaby Youth Custody Centre since 1998, and teens have responded positively.

“It puts me in a calmer state so I can think more clearly” and "it makes me feel good about myself."  

Which is exactly what Yoga Outreach and the BC Society of Transition Houses aims to achieve.

Transition and Second Stage housing services across BC are the critical safety net for women fleeing violent relationships. Through these programs women and children are able to find the support and safety needed to get back on their feet.

Yoga Outreach trains all of their volunteer yoga instructors in trauma-informed teaching approaches in order to provide strengths focused classes for people facing multiple barriers, including addictions, mental health, PTSD, and incarceration. If you would like to be involved, contact Delanie Dyck at or 604.385.3891 or visit

Media Contact: Delanie Dyck, Executive Director, Yoga Outreach: 604.385.3891

Burnaby Youth Custody Centre
For as little as $15 a month, less than a drop in yoga class, you can ensure that youth and adults in mental health facilities, prison or youth custody, alcohol and drug treatment centers, women and children who have experienced violence, or adults suffering from early onset dementia, have access to the powerful and healing practices of yoga and meditation, providing a method to reclaim their minds and bodies, to self regulate, and to connect with people in their community.