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Yoga Tools for Youth

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Are you interested in sharing yoga with your clients or students? Would you like to empower them to use yoga for self-care and stress reduction? Yoga Outreach has developed a training just for youth!

Learning Objectives include:

  • Impacts of breathing practices
  • Breathing practices for use in daily stress management
  • Impacts of mindfulness practices
  • Mindfulness practices for use in daily stress management
  • Impacts of grounding and rhythmic movement
  • Grounding and rhythmic movement practices for use in daily stress management

In either a half or full day format the curricula will provide youth with the skills they need to incorporate breathing, mindfulness, grounding, and rhythmic movement into their day. Backed by credible research into the benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques and trauma-informed teaching practices for youth these workshops will provide students with a solid foundation to use these tools. Highly experiential this program will guide youth through several simple yet powerful exercises that they will be able to utilize in their everyday life.

To find out more about this program or to book a training for your agency please email our Executive Director, Delanie Dyck

Burnaby Youth Custody Centre
For as little as $15 a month, less than a drop in yoga class, you can ensure that youth and adults in mental health facilities, prison or youth custody, alcohol and drug treatment centers, women and children who have experienced violence, or adults suffering from early onset dementia, have access to the powerful and healing practices of yoga and meditation, providing a method to reclaim their minds and bodies, to self regulate, and to connect with people in their community.