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Hiring a Liaison to support BIPOC Students


Why did Yoga Outreach create this role? Yoga Outreach is committed to addressing diversity as an intersectional issue, we believe the foundation of this work is rooted in racial equity, due to the dominance of white supremacy in all systems of oppression. We have developed the Yoga Outreach Student Liaison role in response to the diverse lived experiences, strengths, and learning styles of our student community. What is a Student Liaison? The Yoga Outreach Student Liaison will be available for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) attending our programs. Their primary role will be to reach out to students, and [...]

Hiring a Liaison to support BIPOC Students2021-10-13T01:48:45+00:00

25 Day Yoga Challenge – Live Practice & Workshop Schedules


Creating a consistent self-care routine Did you struggle with your mental health during the pandemic lock down? Are you struggling to get back to a routine now? Here's a plan to help you get back into a good self-care routine AND help others with their self-care at the same time. 25 Day Yoga Challenge October 6 to 30, we’re running a 25 Day Yoga Challenge. We’re challenging all of us to get back into a routine by doing some form of Yoga every day. Register through this link, and we'll invite you to join a private Facebook group. It's filled with [...]

25 Day Yoga Challenge – Live Practice & Workshop Schedules2021-09-27T21:30:18+00:00

Yoga in schools, staff rooms, and community health centres


Karen George was at a loss about how to help her client, a woman so severely depressed that she was unable to leave her house other than a weekly appointment with George in Skidegate in Haida Gwaii, BC.    “She was so guarded, her hands clenched at the arms of the couch, like she was ready to run," says the Family Art Therapist. "It was really hard to figure out what to do.”  George had tried a lot of approaches, from somatic experiencing therapy to art therapy, but nothing seemed to help. Finally, George decided to try a course on trauma-informed yoga [...]

Yoga in schools, staff rooms, and community health centres2021-02-10T20:37:10+00:00

Gifted Mantra Performer Joins Yoga Training Faculty


For generations, Rishima Bahadoorsingh’s family has practiced meditation, mantra and kirtan as part of daily life. Sundays were for learning about yoga philosophy. The family even took multiple trips from their home in Canada to India, where they would spend several months studying together in an ashram with their spiritual guru.    From age four, Rishima was drawn to classical Indian music, kirtan, and mantra. She devoted many years to training in piano, violin, harmonium, Indian percussion, Indian vocals, and Dhrupad or Naad – the yoga of sound. Eventually, she became a talented performer and music teacher herself.    Rishima will [...]

Gifted Mantra Performer Joins Yoga Training Faculty2021-01-12T10:06:27+00:00

Cedar weaving can embody healing for West Coast First Nations


Cedar weaving can embody healing for West Coast First Nations “My family has been deeply impacted by colonization,” explains Avis O’Brien of her formative years in Alert Bay, home of the ‘Namgis People, off the coast of Vancouver Island. With her Irish father and Haida and Kwakwaka’wakw mother, O’Brien lived on the “white side of town”. Unfortunately, she associated being Indigenous with all of the negative stereotypes that are so prevalent in Canada. “I had so much shame associated with my identity that I didn’t want any part in it. I was not raised with culture or [...]

Cedar weaving can embody healing for West Coast First Nations2021-09-02T18:52:44+00:00

How I spend my yoga privilege


Depression and anxiety are frequent visitors for me. The trick is to wait them out, not battle them directly. Instead I meditate daily and practice yoga asana - either through my gym membership ($35/month) or online (internet access $80/month). In my yoga teacher training (approximately $3500), I learned to meditate. Practicing regularly reminds me that I’m not my thoughts, especially not the ones that say, “You suck. You’re a horrible person.” This is only depression talking.  Yoga asana reminds me that I am patient and strong enough to wait out this enemy. Physical practice connects my mind to my body and [...]

How I spend my yoga privilege2021-09-14T17:04:42+00:00

Are we practicing yoga right?


  Yoga every damn day + Positive vibes only = Peace and light. That’s the promise right?  Instead we’ve got an international pandemic, a reckoning for racial justice, and we can’t see the light through the smoke of wildfires and conspiracy theories.   Are we practicing yoga right? That’s the question we’re asking at our annual conference inviting difficult conversations about yoga. Last year we gathered to talk about sexual assault and silence in yoga communities. This year’s theme is Practice & Praxis. How could we use or adapt our daily practice to encourage the changes we want to see in praxis?  [...]

Are we practicing yoga right?2020-09-23T14:03:37+00:00

How therapists cope with compassion fatigue


By Tannis Price, therapist-in-training Have you ever found yourself feeling numb to other people’s problems, or to sad stories on the news? Have you ever screened a call from a friend because you just “didn’t have it in you” to hear them vent?  Everyone feels this way sometimes, but if you’re in a career on the frontlines of treating trauma, that numbness may be a result of “compassion fatigue,” or burnout. Several studies found that 27 to 37 percent of trauma therapists experienced emotional burnout persistently.   As a therapist in training, it’s one of the risks I’m most worried about. Compassion [...]

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Relationship is priority in trauma-informed yoga


Nicole Marcia’s self-esteem tanked after she was assaulted by a neighbour more than two decades ago. She shut up the negative voices in her head with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. In her early 20s at the time, she didn’t connect her behaviour with the assault. Essentially, she just thought she sucked.  One day she heard a celebrity talking about yoga on TV, and thought, ‘Huh! I should try that.” A few classes turned into a regular yoga practice, and after a while her mood started to lift as well. But it wasn’t her mastery of  backbends, or attaining Madonna's yoga body. [...]

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Why I’ll always find time to volunteer


Volunteerism is an important family value of mine. From as early as I can remember, my Grandma and Mom have been avid about donating time and financial resources to their communities. There was an expectation that, if we had privilege, we should reinvest in our communities to help elevate the people who didn’t. The benefits of volunteering are plentiful. Here are four reasons I will always make time to volunteer. Purpose We are all searching for purpose in our lives.  My personal “purpose mission” is to leave the world in a better state than I found it. Caring about others is [...]

Why I’ll always find time to volunteer2020-04-23T10:57:39+00:00

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