This project will develop and deliver a 6-week therapeutic program for survivors of sexual assault that will support healing and reconnection for participants. Research suggests that sexual assault survivors who are not able to access support have a higher likelihood of developing PTSD, and report increases in depression and anxiety. Evidence supports yoga as an adjunct therapy that can provide survivors with body-based tools to support self-regulation, regaining a measure of control and safety over their own bodies, and decreased isolation. Further, studies suggest that the use of yoga by sexual assault survivors increases self-compassion and mindfulness and decreases physical tension and stress levels, improves sleep, and supports survivors ability to manage intrusive symptoms while supporting an overall sense of well-being. Special focus would be given to supporting and addressing the needs of Indigenous, Queer, Trans and Two-Spirit, immigrant and/or refugee people ensuring cultural safety using a decolonial and feminist framework to build the curriculum.

Project Partner

WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre

Participants will be identified and engaged through a partnership with WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre as a referring agency. Utilizing their intake process, existing supports, and resources will help to ensure that folks joining the program are group ready and have access to wrap around supports during and after the program.

Project funded by the Province of British Columbia