How to set boundaries that better serve yourself AND others


Exploring Boundaries, Building Bridges: A conversation with Farah Nazarali, non-violent communication expert   How should we complain, offer criticism, express disappointment, or demand action within a yoga community? It’s awkward, and conflicts with common notions about yoga. These are some of the questions we’re posing at our upcoming conference: Exploring Boundaries, Building Bridges: Connecting Yoga, community, and self. That’s why we booked our friend Farah Nazarali to facilitate a workshop on setting boundaries, assertively and compassionately. For a hint of the wisdom Farah will share on May 25th, we asked her to reflect on what makes boundary setting so difficult. Here [...]

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Do grouchy, judgemental smokers belong at yoga? Yes!


Q and A with Julie Peters In preparation for Yoga Outreach's first conference (May 25), we asked the scheduled panelists what turns people OFF about yoga. Here's a thoughtful response from Julie Peters, yoga teacher, writer, and owner of Ocean and Crow Yoga studio in East Vancouver. YO: Can you smoke, drink, or eat McDonald’s, and still claim to practise yoga? JP: Food and substances aren’t good or evil; the important thing to consider is why we are consuming them. Lately, I’ve been working a lot with the differences between desire and craving, pleasure and distraction. True desires move us [...]

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