Become A Board Member

What to expect when inquiring, applying and interviewing for Board Membership with Yoga Outreach:

Get the process started by reading the materials below.  We have linked the Board Member Application and other pertinent information below.

Submit your application: Within five business days of receiving your application, Yoga Outreach’s Executive Director, Delanie Dyck will let you know if you’ve been selected for a first interview.

Interview process:

  • Candidates meet with the Board Chair, Vandana Sood and Vice Chair, Nina Sheere for a 1hr interview.

Within five business days of the next Board meeting after the interview: Board Chair shares board’s decision with candidate. Selected candidates will be extended an invitation to join the board.

At minimum, this process usually takes six weeks but can take up to three months.

Links to forms and more information are listed below:

Information for prospective Board Members



Current Openings

Member at Large

Our Commitment

Yoga Outreach believes the diversity of experiences, ideas, individuals, and organizations in our community make us stronger. To create a more just and engaged world, we must embrace and celebrate diversity, practice inclusion, and be a champion of equity.

We recognize diversity in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Citizenship
  • Class and economic circumstance
  • Disability, mental illness, and neurodiversity
  • Education and professional experience
  • Geography and community size or location
  • Language
  • Physical appearance and body size
  • Race, ethnicity, and country of origin or nationality
  • Religion
  • Sex, gender, and gender identity
  • Sexual orientation and identity

While we are committed to addressing diversity as an intersectional issue, we believe the foundation of this work is rooted in racial equity, due to the dominance of white supremacy in all systems of oppression.

We accept that our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) means a commitment to constant learning—we will make mistakes, but we are determined to learn from them and to improve.

To be transparent and realistic, we also acknowledge that our capacity as an organization means we cannot always implement inclusive measures to the level that we may like (such as providing content in multiple languages). We are accountable to ourselves (both as staff and board) and to the community, and are creating regular opportunities for reporting on our work, progress, mistakes, and plans.

We encourage and invite your feedback. To support accountability and to be accessible as we continue to do this work, we hope that you will share your ideas, questions, and experiences with us. You can do so by contacting us by phone (604-385-3891) or email ( at any time.

With thanks to NTEN for their inspiration for this statement.