Yoga in your Socks


By Wendy Goldsmith In teacher training, we learned yoga MUST be done barefoot. What if your student split in half doing wide-legged forward fold on your watch? Yikes. Plus, they can’t draw energy up from the earth through a barrier of cotton-acrylic blend. With the exception of savasana, socks are a no-no in the studio.   But when I started teaching in social service settings, my students were often low-income or newcomers to Canada. I discovered nobody was taking off their socks. I tried to lead by example, worrying aloud about danger, talking about the foundational significance of the feet. Still, [...]

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3 Top Takeaways from Trauma Training with Yoga Outreach


About a month ago, I took a weekend course on teaching trauma-informed yoga. Trauma-informed means the instruction style is modified to better serve people who have been physically or mentally abused, or sexually assaulted. After completion, you can apply to volunteer at a transition house for women and children fleeing domestic violence, at an addiction recovery centre, or in a prison - anywhere in BC that Yoga Outreach has established a program. Plus, I’m hoping I can apply the training to classes I teach at my local Neighbourhood House. None of my students have disclosed having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but [...]

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Rika Lange on Volunteering with Justice Involved Youth


How did you get involved with yoga outreach? It was through a friend who was volunteering with Yoga Outreach after taking the core training. I had just completed my teacher training and wanted to volunteer with Yoga Outreach.   What were your thoughts of the Core Training? It was outstanding …one of the best trainings that I have done. The space that Nicole created to learn in was amazing, and the information taught made sense; it really applies to so many situations.   What was your first impression of Yoga Outreach? My first impression of Yoga Outreach was through the Core [...]

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Our Board Chair On Volunteering with Yoga Outreach


Tell me how you first got involved in with YO? I can't believe it's been 10 year since I first got involved in YO! In 2007, I was a brand new baby lawyer and about to start working with marginalized clients in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. I was also a pretty devoted yoga practitioner and wanted to explore how I could combine these two things that were so important to me. I'm pretty sure I actually googled "yoga" and "outreach" - or maybe it was "yoga" and "prisons" - and I found Yoga Outreach. I was so excited that there was an [...]

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