Chew on this, Blue Monday


If Blue Monday is a duvet day, Depression is a bare mattress, a pile of stinking sheets and a coin washer four flights down.   This is not a typical Blue Monday post with five tips for overcoming the most depressing day of the year. Because real depression is NOT a case of the Mondays. It’s a relentless case of the every-days.   Usually - but not always - solutions are a combination of approaches, including medication, diet and/or exercise. But even following your treatment plan to the letter, doesn’t prevent relapses. Some 80% of people with diagnosed depression will experience [...]

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Honouring our Hero Friends


This year I was a hero for someone. I feel okay about saying that, because more than a decade ago, when I lived in Scotland a workmate was a hero for me.   I was living with a boyfriend with a bad temper. He would shout about laundry done incorrectly, wasting energy by baking potatoes in the oven, and milk spilled from a faulty bottle. Literally spilled milk. I used to come to work with what I thought were interesting, amusing tales of his craziness. But my co-worker’s eyes stretched wide open. These stories didn’t sound right to normal people, I [...]

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Girls Only – How trauma changes the brain


Girls’ brains react differently than boys’  Girls process trauma differently than boys. Apparently, estrogen prompts a larger area of neurons to fire during adverse events, leading girls to remember traumatic incidents for longer and with more intensity than boys.   You might remember Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s recent testimony that the reason she could remember the faces and laughter of the two young men who tried to rape her when she was 15 was because of chemicals released by the brain during stress. It’s why those memories haven’t faded or stopped affecting her behaviour 40 years later.     Faced with [...]

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