$100/$80/$60/$0 Yoga during pregnancy can play an instrumental role in facilitating an experience that is grounded, powerful, and positively transformational. This workshop offers Yoga Teachers the knowledge and skills necessary to positively support pregnant people who participate in non-prenatal specific yoga classes.  This is not a comprehensive training preparing you to teach prenatal yoga. This workshop you will support you to:
  • Understand the primary benefits of yoga during pregnancy.
  • Know key body system adaptations during pregnancy, what symptoms commonly manifest as a result, and how to support people in class who present with these symptoms. 
  • Understand your scope as a Yoga Teacher guiding a pregnant person in a non-prenatal specific class and fundamental considerations to support the autonomous-sovereign experience of pregnancy.
Key considerations you will be asked to consider:
  • Inclusivity 
  • Checking your own preconceptions about pregnancy & birth
  • Guide with intention to support their practice 
  • Language of abundance vs. deficience 
Upon completion of this workshop, your scope as a Yoga Teacher will include:
  • Holding space that encourages engaging with the inner work & personal reflection required to journey consciously and in one’s sovereignty through pregnancy.
  • Offering adaptations for asanas and breathwork based on the pregnant student’s verbally expressed lived experience and physical symptoms.
  • Offering information about the root cause of common pregnancy symptoms based on your knowledge of the physiological and anatomical adaptations that occur during pregnancy. 
  • Referring out to other professionals when the information asked by the pregnant student is outside of your scope of knowledge as a non-prenatal specific Yoga Teacher.