Yoga to Support Neurodivergent BIPOC (and allies) Folx Explore how to “de-ableize” your yoga/wellness practice, your worldview and the space you hold for students, clients and community. This workshop provides tools and resources for BIPOC folks and allies to deepen their understanding of neurodivergence – either their own or that of their students. Society is often guided by research that considers white bodies, experiences, and neuro-typical viewpoints as standard. Different behaviours, particularly when expressed by Black, Indigenous or People of Colour (BIPOC), are considered abnormal or even dangerous. This distorted perspective influences mainstream yoga classes and wellness spaces too. Bias – even in well-meaning teachers or practitioners – can make these spaces unsafe for neurodivergent (ND) folks, particularly those who are also BIPOC. This workshop will explore the following ideas in greater depth:
  • How colonialism and white-body supremacy perpetuate distorted views of mental wellness.
  • Alternate understandings of mental wellness
  • Neurodivergent experiences of yoga and mindfulness practices
  • Establishing safety in therapeutic and yoga spaces for neurodivergent BIPOC people
Class style:
  • Primarily somatic or body based
  • Some slides with charts and infographics, accompanied by lecture
  • Questions and discussion welcome throughout
  • Movement and mindfulness offered in ways that may feel more comfortable for neurodivergent folks
  • Stimming welcome!