Will you become a Warrior for Yoga Outreach Students?

Monthly donations are the most sustainable way to support the organization as they allow us to make longer term plans and decisions about how to use funds and where best to allocate resources.

Warrior I $15/month

$15  a month provides 30 minutes of mentorship to a yoga volunteer navigating the protocols of working in a recovery or mental health facility or prison.

Warrior II $25/month

$25 a month helps us set up a program in a new facility, including meeting staff and learning about residents’ unique requirements.

Warrior III $50/month

$50 a month keeps our trainings up-to-date with emerging research on trauma treatment and yoga. Ensuring we are relevant and effective.

Exalted Warrior $100/month

$100 a month provides one month of trauma-informed yoga sessions in a social service setting. You’ll be making Yoga Outreach’s work sustainable.

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“People with PTSD lose their way in the world. Their bodies continue to live in an internal environment of trauma. An essential aspect of recovering from trauma is learning how to self-regulate.”

Support our work

Your donation to Yoga Outreach makes a real difference in the lives of some of our community’s most vulnerable members. When you give to Yoga Outreach, you give thousands of people access to a space where they are free to practice choice, and connect to their self and the communities that they live in.

The generosity of our donors ensures that we can continue to deliver existing as well as build new trauma-informed yoga programs for the people who most need them.

Monthly donations are the most sustainable way to support the organization as they allow us to make longer term plans and decisions about how to use funds and where best to allocate resources.

Every dollar makes a difference!

Individual Giving

One time gifts are appreciated and help continue to deliver existing programs.

Monthly donations provide us with a more predictable cash flow and allows us to plan future projects and initiatives in the community. In addition to looking at project delivery in the long term, monthly giving saves us time and money through streamlined administration processes.

Gifts of Stocks or mutual funds can help us reach more people and minimize your taxes. If you are interested in giving a gift of stock or mutual fund, please contact us so we can work with you can your financial advisor.

An estate gift or leaving Yoga Outreach a gift in your will allows you to give more than at any other time in your life, and gives the gift of accessible trauma-informed yoga programs for future generations. When you leave an estate gift or a gift in your will, you leave a legacy that will help countless people in your community for years to come. Estate and planned giving options include annuities, life insurance, and gifts of real estate.

Corporate Giving

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One time gifts are appreciated and help continue to deliver existing programs.

For businesses large or small a great way to support Yoga Outreach programming and grow your brand is by becoming a Corporate Sponsor.

Increase brand awareness through promotions on our Facebook page (2K+ followers), Instagram (500 + followers), and Newsletter (1.7K+).

Highlight your commitment to corporate social responsibility and make your business more attractive to clients and customers who value doing good.

Show your investment in the future of your community by teaming with a local organization.

Embody your commitment to sustainable health and wellness programming as a Monthly Partner.

Double your gift’s impact and encourage others to give as Campaign Contributors.

Yoga Studio Giving

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Become a Studio Partner

In exchange for providing a donation-based class at your studio, Yoga Outreach will promote your studio (and upcoming events) on our website, social media and newsletter.

What is the benefit for the studio?  You are supporting a local, yoga service-oriented non-profit while also increasing your brand awareness. We will spotlight your studio in our monthly newsletter, promote the studio three times on our Facebook and Instagram channels. By-donation classes can be done one time, multiple times or on a monthly basis.

Support trauma-informed yoga programming in your community!

Contact us to discuss details!

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“Our community yoga programs offer individuals an opportunity to learn self-regulation, to feel safe within their bodies, and to be part of a group atmosphere, removed from isolation.”

Become a Yoga Outreach Ambassador

Are you passionate about Yoga Outreach and the work that we do? Do you have reach and like to network? The role of Yoga Outreach Ambassador is an important one. We ask you to share about the work that we do in the community and why it’s so valuable. In exchange for your ongoing ambassadorship we’ll feature you on our blog, in our newsletter, and on our social channels. Interested? Let’s talk!

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Current Sponsors & Funders

Over the last 25 years we have had the honour of serving more than 60,000 people in communities across British Columbia, and this has only been possible thanks to our volunteers, donors, sponsors, funders and people like YOU!

We are so grateful for everything our community has done to support our work to heal communities through accessible and meaningful Service Yoga programming.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

We look forward to many more decades of yoga service with YOU!

Major Donors

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