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Creating a consistent self-care routine

Did you struggle with your mental health during the pandemic lock down? Are you struggling to get back to a routine now?

Here’s a plan to help you get back into a good self-care routine AND help others with their self-care at the same time.

25 Day Yoga Challenge

October 6 to 30, we’re running a 25 Day Yoga Challenge. We’re challenging all of us to get back into a routine by doing some form of Yoga every day. Register through this link, and we’ll invite you to join a private Facebook group. It’s filled with motivation, links to live classes and opportunities to connect with other people working on their self-care too.  Check out the schedule of nine live practices on the dates marked below and see details on the registration page

25 Day Yoga Challenge Schedule
Live Practice Schedule

Community Care

When you join the Challenge, you’ll get to be part of a community too AND you’ll be helping other people in the Yoga Outreach community. All of your registration fees and any money you raise by inviting friends to join goes to supporting our work. Yoga Outreach brings trauma informed yoga classes to people in mental health facilities, addiction recovery centres, Transition Houses for women who have experienced violence, and adults and youth in custody. Help yourself, help others – it’s a win for everybody!

Service Yoga Community

Our students look forward to these classes every week, and we need to make sure they continue and that we reach more people who need them.

Early Bird Bonus

ONLY when you register by Sept 29, you get 4 free workshops from incredible speakers. 

25 Day Yoga Challenge SpeakerOct 1 | 12 – 12:30pm PST |  The Energy of Money, Tracy Theemes, Sophia Wealth Academy (FaceBook Live)

We grow up believing that money is about math and numbers or worse yet, power and immorality. In reality, it is energy. In and of itself, it has no meaning except the values we give it. As yoga practitioners, energy is our currency. in this dynamic and interactive workshop, Tray Theemes will talk about how she transitioned from working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with children and their families to her work as a disruptive force in the world of finance.  And she will share five principles of money that will help you use your energy for a better future.


Muneera WallaceOct 2 | 10am – 12:30pm PST | Cultivating Calm with Ayurveda, Muneera Wallace, Radiant Living (live on zoom)

Ayurveda sees fall and early winter as a time of Vata* when we must take special care to ground, soothe and nourish. In addition to changes in weather and light, fall can also feel overwhelming as many of us return to the structure of regular work and school hours. Top that with a return to face-to-face interactions after more than a year of masks and lockdowns, and your nervous system may need some intense nurturing!



Oct 4 | 11 – 11:30am PST | The Art of the Ask, Farah Nazarali, Drishti Point Yoga (FaceBook Live)

Asking for help takes courage and is an acquired skill that most of us never learn. Yet asking for help is incredibly important to all arenas of life because the truth is, we can’t do life alone. Break through the myth of independent, autonomous super-heroes and learn how to ask, when to ask, what to ask for, and how to make asking an art that allows you to lean on friends, family, and community in a spirit of inter-connectedness.



Oct 5: Trauma Informed Yoga for Mental Health,
Nicole Marcia, Director of Training & Mentorship, Yoga Outreach

Mental health includes the way we perceive our lives, relationships with others and our internal emotional landscape. Our psychological health can affect daily life, physical health and our ability to build and sustain resilience. This talk will explore how to understand and utilize yoga to feel more at home in our bodies and beyond. A practice to embody the ideas explored in this interactive lecture will be offered through Yoga Outreach as a part of the Challenge on October 13th at 10:00am.



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