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Teaching Kids Yoga


Teaching Kids Yoga is a growing niche for yoga teachers. Yoga for kids is a fun physical activity particularly for those that don’t enjoy other types of team-based sports. It’s also popular with parents. They want their children to learn tools that will help them regulate their emotions and cope with anxiety, ADHD, bullying, grief and other tough challenges. Yoga Outreach is already well-known for supporting adults in recovery from trauma, addictions and mental health challenges. In this article, we’ll tell you why we partnered with Katie Connolly of gloWithin to develop a trauma-informed training for working with kids. Mindfulness tools [...]

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How to Support BIPOC Students in Yoga Teacher Trainings


The final straw in Harmeet Kaur Mann’s online yoga therapy class was when the First Nations women had to console crying white students about the discovery of 215 unmarked Indigenous children’s graves. If anything, it's the Indigenous women who need comforting, she thought. They need to support BIPOC students (students who are Black, Indigenous or People of Colour). Emotional labour interrupts learning Almost every class, Harmeet had had to point out that a white student’s comment was hurtful, or had missed the point. Teachers thanked her privately for being brave enough to come forward. Speaking up came naturally for Harmeet who [...]

How to Support BIPOC Students in Yoga Teacher Trainings2022-06-02T19:44:12+00:00

The Anxiety of High Standards


The Anxiety of High Standards It was only six weeks from the time the first strange patch appeared on Melissa Holt’s scalp til she was totally bald. But even that dramatic signal didn’t stop her from pushing to meet sales targets, make money, and please clients. She just put on a wig and false eyelashes and kept going. It took a worldwide lockdown to slow Melissa down enough to examine her lifestyle.  As a successful sales rep of medical equipment, Melissa appeared to be living her dream life. Her need to achieve was a sign of anxiety. And [...]

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Teaching Yoga Without Cultural Appropriation


Teaching Yoga Without Cultural Appropriation When people talk about cultural appropriation in Yoga they often cite expensive mainstream studios where teachers are typically white, thin, cis and able-bodied. But the truth is that anyone - even a volunteer Yoga teacher in a prison or addiction recovery centre – can be guilty of culturally appropriating Yoga. So what's the best way of teaching service yoga without cultural appropriation? This article explains how Yoga Outreach prepares  our volunteer yoga teachers to address cultural appropriation in service settings, such as prisons, transition houses, and mental health and addiction recovery centres. Know the [...]

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From Student to Volunteer Yoga Teacher


in 2013, poet and artist, Alexandra R. LaFlam stayed at Pacifica Treatment Centre to overcome an addiction fuelled by grief and trauma. While there, she found the Yoga Outreach classes so helpful that she decided to train as a Yoga teacher. In 2017, LaFlam returned to Pacifica as a Yoga Outreach volunteer, sharing mindfulness practices with others recovering from addictions.   Following is an excerpt from Scattered Lights in the Darkness, LaFlam’s autobiographical book of poems about losing her father, surviving as an addict, and the first months of living sober.   Alexandra R. LaFlam's poetry about grief, addiction and recovery. [...]

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Accessible Yoga Means Websites Too!


We’re so excited to share that Yoga Outreach’s website is now more accessible for people with visual, cognitive, and motor impairments. Our new plugin, created by AccessiBe, uses AI (artificial intelligence) to make it easier for people to interact with our content.   How do you use the accessibility features? In the lower left corner of our website, you’ll notice an orange icon with a person symbol. If you’re visiting our site with a screen reader, your device will tell you about the icon.  Click on the icon to see a menu of profiles. You can choose: Seizure safe Visually impaired Cognitive [...]

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How Trauma Informed Yoga is Different


If you’re a holistic Yoga teacher, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to take a trauma informed yoga training. But until you’ve tried an entire class with only invitational language, you just can’t know how it feels. Here are a few of the beautiful reasons that trauma informed Yoga is different for students.  1. Invitational Language Feels Incredible As I mentioned above, invitational language feels incredible in the ear, and on the mind. It's as if, at every moment, someone is passing you the power to decide how you want to spend your next moment.  Trauma informed [...]

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Building a Sustainable Nonprofit in Yoga Land


In the decade that followed founder Sandra Sammartino stepping back, Yoga Outreach struggled to keep its head above water, both financially and in terms of community support. Beth Sampson, one of the early volunteers, took over as Executive Director. She was a fierce champion of its mission and vowed to build it into a sustainable nonprofit.  What was your goal for Yoga Outreach when you took it on? Beth Sampson: I wanted to bring Yoga Outreach into a wider area and build a community that placed a high value on service, standards, education, and community building. My goal was to make [...]

Building a Sustainable Nonprofit in Yoga Land2021-12-14T19:55:13+00:00

How Our Yoga NonProfit Started


Have you ever wondered how to start a Yoga nonprofit in Canada?  25 years ago, a small, committed community of Yoga teachers wondered if they could teach Yoga in BC prisons. Today, Yoga Outreach Society, a Yoga nonprofit, is a registered charity that offers up to 1000 classes a year in prisons, mental health facilities, addiction recovery centres, and Transition Houses for women who have experienced violence. This is the story of how this influential Yoga nonprofit first started. Yoga teacher Sandra Sammartino demonstrates headstand at her Kairos Studio in the early 90s. The Inspiration In the early 90s, [...]

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25 Day Yoga Challenge – Live Practice & Workshop Schedules


Creating a consistent self-care routine Did you struggle with your mental health during the pandemic lock down? Are you struggling to get back to a routine now? Here's a plan to help you get back into a good self-care routine AND help others with their self-care at the same time. 25 Day Yoga Challenge October 6 to 30, we’re running a 25 Day Yoga Challenge. We’re challenging all of us to get back into a routine by doing some form of Yoga every day. Register through this link, and we'll invite you to join a private Facebook group. It's filled with [...]

25 Day Yoga Challenge – Live Practice & Workshop Schedules2021-11-10T17:53:33+00:00


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