The Anxiety of High Standards


The Anxiety of High Standards It was only six weeks from the time the first strange patch appeared on Melissa Holt’s scalp til she was totally bald. But even that dramatic signal didn’t stop her from pushing to meet sales targets, make money, and please clients. She just put on a wig and false eyelashes and kept going. It took a worldwide lockdown to slow Melissa down enough to examine her lifestyle.  As a successful sales rep of medical equipment, Melissa appeared to be living her dream life. Her need to achieve was a sign of anxiety. And [...]

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From Student to Volunteer Yoga Teacher


in 2013, poet and artist, Alexandra R. LaFlam stayed at Pacifica Treatment Centre to overcome an addiction fuelled by grief and trauma. While there, she found the Yoga Outreach classes so helpful that she decided to train as a Yoga teacher. In 2017, LaFlam returned to Pacifica as a Yoga Outreach volunteer, sharing mindfulness practices with others recovering from addictions.   Following is an excerpt from Scattered Lights in the Darkness, LaFlam’s autobiographical book of poems about losing her father, surviving as an addict, and the first months of living sober.   Alexandra R. LaFlam's poetry about grief, addiction and recovery. [...]

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