Are we practicing yoga right?


  Yoga every damn day + Positive vibes only = Peace and light. That’s the promise right?  Instead we’ve got an international pandemic, a reckoning for racial justice, and we can’t see the light through the smoke of wildfires and conspiracy theories.   Are we practicing yoga right? That’s the question we’re asking at our annual conference inviting difficult conversations about yoga. Last year we gathered to talk about sexual assault and silence in yoga communities. This year’s theme is Practice & Praxis. How could we use or adapt our daily practice to encourage the changes we want to see in praxis?  [...]

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The West’s bias toward a good/bad binary makes us vulnerable – and not in a good way


“People who are unwilling or unable to take an honest look at their own shadows might be equally poor at seeing other people’s shadow sides. This makes them vulnerable to manipulation and abuse.” A Conversation with Liana Yip, Registered Clinical Counsellor Yoga Outreach: Liana, how far is too far ...spiritually? Liana Yip: When I came back from studying yoga in India - intended to supplement my Master’s degree in clinical counselling - I felt a renewed purpose in my life, entirely devoted to the spiritual path, God, and the Universal. But at the same time I felt increasingly disconnected to this [...]

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How do you know if you’re Spiritually Bypassing?


"A yoga studio can be this weird place where you do something together but remain alone, boundaried by a strip of rubber, a Mona-Lisa smile, and a fixed gaze. The premise is that “going inside” is all that’s needed for your life — and all life — to improve. That can be framed in the jargons of self-improvement or spirituality, equally. " -- Matthew Remski, author  Yoga Outreach had the opportunity to interview Matthew Remski, author, yoga-culture critic, and keynote speaker at Exploring Boundaries, Building Bridges: Connecting Yoga, community, and self YO: The term Spiritual Bypassing (SB) is becoming more common [...]

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