Teaching Kids Yoga


Teaching Kids Yoga is a growing niche for yoga teachers. Yoga for kids is a fun physical activity particularly for those that don’t enjoy other types of team-based sports. It’s also popular with parents. They want their children to learn tools that will help them regulate their emotions and cope with anxiety, ADHD, bullying, grief and other tough challenges. Yoga Outreach is already well-known for supporting adults in recovery from trauma, addictions and mental health challenges. In this article, we’ll tell you why we partnered with Katie Connolly of gloWithin to develop a trauma-informed training for working with kids. Mindfulness tools [...]

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Feeling panicky? Calm down quickly by paying attention to your body


Your stomach hurts. Your neck and shoulders have hardened to concrete. Your vision and hearing are stuttering. You feel dizzy. Your mind is hunting for dangers, for solutions, for something … you’re not sure what.This might be how you feel when your body becomes dysregulated or overwhelmed. It’s definitely a feeling familiar to yoga students at Pacifica Treatment Centre, an addiction recovery residence where our volunteers 4 weekly teach trauma-informed classes. Usually this means you’re worrying so much about events in the future or replaying events in the past, that you aren’t even aware of the present - except for those [...]

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